Bass Lessons in Dunwoody, GA

My Teaching

A picture of Seth Watters, who teaches bass lessons in Dunwoody, GA.
Seth Watters is a bass instructor in Dunwoody, GA.

My name is Seth Watters, and I teach bass lessons in Dunwoody, GA.  I have been playing bass guitar for over 15 years each and teaching bass lessons over 10.  I specialize in teaching beginner to advanced players.  My goal is to keep lessons fun, making a point to teach music you enjoy.  I genuinely love teaching bass lessons.

Bass Lessons

Bass is all about the GROOVE!  You know that feeling that makes you want to dance?  That’s groove!  Bass was the first instrument I learned to play, and I have spent a great deal of time dissecting it and focusing on its finer points.  Whether you want to be the next Paul McCartney or Geddy Lee, it all starts with building a solid foundation so that the groove can grow.  AND the great thing about playing bass is that you will be the envy of all of your friends because you will be asked to join more bands than you can imagine!  If one thing’s certain, it’s that there will always be a shortage of good bass players!

Student Performances

Taba Rana on stage and in performance.
Taba Rana performing at Village Fest 2015

I encourage my students to get out and perform along with taking piano lessons.  Music is a great social activity and form of expression.  I actually have pretty bad stage anxiety and understand the fear that can go along with performing.  I never pressure anybody into performing.  You can learn more about some of the concerts in Dunwoody my students have performed by visiting  We also get together at Mark’s place in the spring for a backyard cookout and concert.  Worst case, you get free hamburgers. . . or those veggie patty things if that’s your bag.