Lesson Policy

We meet students on a weekly basis and book lesson times in increments of 30 minutes.  Generally, a half-hour lesson allows us to cover plenty of material for a week of practice.  A few students take an hour, but they tend to be intermediate and advanced players.  We teach to the lesson, so sometimes we may run a little long if we are in the middle of something. . . we don’t charge for this!

We do not have any specific attendance policy, as everybody has been really fair with us on this.  We only ask that students make a committed effort to meet on a weekly basis.  Life has it’s way of popping up, so a missed lesson here and there is not a big deal.  We always try to accommodate changes in our students’ schedules to the best of our abilities.

     24 Hour Cancelation Policy: If a lesson must be canceled, by either party, it must be done so a day or more in advance.  We will honor any lesson that we have scheduled, and may have to collect payment for a lesson canceled at the last minute.