Drum Lessons in Dunwoody, GA

De’Arcus Curry – Drum Teacher

De'Arcus Curry is a drum teacher offering drum lessons in Dunwoody, GA.Hi, I’m De’Arcus and I am a drum teacher in Dunwoody, GA.  I was born in Jackson Mississippi and come from a very musical family.  My father is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer of award winning songs. and my mother sings.  I also have a brother who plays drums professionally (he gave me my first drum lessons and taught me everything I know about drums) as well as a brother who professionally plays the bass.  I started playing drums in 2007 at church.  My first touring gig was in 2010 with Grammy award winning artist T-Pain, whom I still tour with.  Between 2010 and 2012 I toured with R&B artists Glenn Jones, Tony Terry, and also played for Calvin Richardson.  I was the 2012 winner of Hit Like a Girl, and international drum competition.  I also drum for various local artists, cooperate bands, and at church. Artists that I’ve worked with include: Bob, Klymaxx, Lil G, Chrisette Michelle, Cherelle, and more.  I thank God for my gift.


Drum Lessons

Drums are a very fun instrument to play, especially if you are a beginner.  More than any other instrument, you can quickly start playing music you enjoy.  Our drum lessons will involve a great deal of playing what you have learned to songs you like.  The best drummers know when to stick to the basics, but understand how to build bigger ideas around that frame.  For this reason, I like to throw in some special challenges to help develop creativity.  My greatest strengths as a teacher are patience and commitment to the quality of our lesson.  I always avoid the “my way or the highway” approach, offering fun and reasonable challenges.

Performance Opportunities

Taba Rana on stage and in performance.
Taba Rana performing at Village Fest 2015

Taking drum lessons is a good start, but a lot of students want to get out and start playing.  For this reason, I work with, Seth, Mark, and Lane to organize live music events so my students can have such opportunites.  We also do a cookout and recital at Mark’s house in the spring!  These events help young musicians gain confidence in their playing and show the fruits of their effort.  All the same, I understand that some people just love to play for the fun of it, so we never try to coerce students into an uncomfortable situation.