Dunwoody Music Studio

Practice Space

While we do teach a large number of in-home lessons, we also meet students at Mark’s home studio.  It is located 1/4 of a mile from the Dunwoody Village.  The big benefit of meeting at the studio is that there are many resources present that are unavailable when meeting students at their homes.  The studio consists of a band room and a sunroom.  It is a quiet place to focus on learning about music.  Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons or hang out in the next room, where they can listen in or just relax.  In the studio we have: a drum set, pump organ, electric organ, 2 keyboards, 2 pianos, lots of music books, guitars aplenty, amplifiers, a mandolin, a banjo, an accordion, and even a cowbell!  We also direct rock band practices for students interested in getting out and performing with a group.  Here are a few pictures. . .

Recording Space

We also have a complete recording studio in the sunroom adjacent to the practice area.  While understated in appearance, it is a state of the are recording studio.  It has been used by our students to produce a charity fundraiser album for Crawford Long Middle, which was released at the 2015 Lemonade Days Festival.  Atlanta artist Crane recorded his most recent album I Love Women at our studio with Marshall Coats.  Marshall is our composer in residence who often uses the space to record and produce local talent as well as create original scores for film.  It is an excellent tool available to students who are interested in recording their music or learning about sound engineering as a skill.