Funk Superjam!

Funk Superjam!
Seth and Kevin layin' down tha funk!
A picture of Seth playing guitar in a vibe-a-licious room while Kevin lays down that fat beat on a vintage Ludwig drum set!
Seth and Kevin layin’ down tha funk!

Seth and I had a little time to kill, so we caught up with a couple esteemed colleagues.  Perennial cool cats Kevin and Kelly teach drum, bass, piano, and guitar lessons in Decatur, GA.  (oooh, yeah. . . alliteration)  They used their super funk powers to lay down a tight jam.  Similarly, I used my super index finger powers to press record.  Needless to say, the syncos were amply pated and the bass was thoroughly slapped.  It was a collaboration for the ages, to say the least.  Anyway. . . enjoy!

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