Clean at last!

I finally had the time to rearrange the disaster that had become my studio.  Between recordings, last minute overdubs for Already Taken, and rehearsing for shows. . . the entire room had become a shame, to say the least.  As school is starting tomorrow for most of my students (which means its back to a non-summer schedule), I figured it only fitting to offer a learning space where one could think straight.  I remember how mad my Mom would get when she’d step on the legos I would invariably leave on the floor of my room as a kid.  Needless to say, she was in no mood that would be receptive to learning music.  I would also venture to guess that would equally apply to a student tripping over wires and drumsticks.  Now what to do with all the junk I took out?

A clean studio.
I even got the spiderwebs off the outside of the windows.